We understand your laptop is precious. At LaptopOnCall Inc., our important task is to bring your laptop back to working condition and return it to you safely. That's why we have a well-organized repair process that leaves nothing to chance. We make sure you always know exactly where your computer is during its repair and exactly what is happening to it. The www.MegaTracking.com is the backbone of our tracking system that can help you track your laptop precisely at any point of the repair service. Here are some examples:

  • Receiving

    As soon as your laptop arrives, we putt your laptop and all accessories shipped with it into a service queue with a turn around time vary from 5 to 10 business days. At this receiving phase, we will notify you via email with all tracking information so you can track your laptop service later on. You need to expedite the service? We do offer a rush service charge of $79.99 and your laptop is guaranteed to be on the tech bench on the same day. Your laptop will never sit in the long service queue when you use this service. Call us now to start using this service today.

  • Questioning and Repairing

    After the turn around period, your laptop is taken from the receiving department to our tech lab facility where a technician uses the latest diagnostic tools to identify the damage and the repairs needed.

    An estimated invoice will be sent to you via email with detail diagnosis. This itemized invoice will clearly explain each task to be performed and parts needed to repair your laptop professionally. You only need to pay for that invoice via secured website www.paypal.com by log-in paypal or providing a credit card number. As soon as you complete the payment, your laptop will be repaired immediately if parts are available, then tested and shipped out the next business day.

    New or refurbished parts are supplied by the extensive laptop parts inventory www.MegaInventory.com. Your laptop broken parts, if any, will be disposed to prevent re-using and causing fire hazard.

  • Shipping

    The laptop and accessories are then sent to the shipping department where shipping department team will make sure all laptop and accessories are included before shipping them back. The computer is shipped to you at your cost for only $29.99 using the UPS Ground service. Shipping insurance is also available upon request. We will email you with the shipping tracking number to make sure your laptop will arrive at your door safely with its original box and packing material.

  • Post-Repair Support

    LaptopOnCall Inc. strives to be your first and last choice of laptop service needs. As part of our commitment, if you have any further problems with your laptop within the warranty period, our customer service department will work diligently with you to resolve them.

While we make every effort to protect the software and information on your computer, we are not responsible for any data lost during the laptop computer repair process. We strongly advise you to make complete system backups before shipping your laptop for repair.
If you're looking for a trustworthy, credible company to repair your laptop fast, choose LaptopOnCall Inc.