All repairs include free cleaning for keyboard and LCD screen, motherboard repair includes free cleaning for CPU cooling fan and heat sink. What we repair includes the following:

  Hardware problems:
Motherboard, LCD, LCD monitor, FDD, HDD, DVD, DVD-CDRW

  Software problems:
Operating system crashed, virus infected, data recovery, forget password

  Detail Problem list:

  Motherboard problems:

  No power up or there is power but no boot up

  Motherboard is burnt (plug in a wrong AC adaptor may cause this problem)

  No video, although there is power

  Power jack is burned or broken; this is very common problem for most of the machines. When we repair it, we will reinforce it (the motherboard is cracked on the power jack area on Dell Inspiron 4000 and Latitude C600 series, do not give up, keep the broken motherboard piece and bring it over, we can still fix it), some of the power jacks are difficult to find, we will modify the circuit on the motherboard and install a different but popular power jack so that we don’t need to replace the motherboard.

  PCMCIA socket is damaged (it happens most when people drop the machine with the PCMCIA wireless card in the socket), memory socket, CPU socket, USB port and any connection ports are broken or not recognized

  Liquid is spilled on the keyboard and/or motherboard, disconnect the power adaptor and pull out the battery right away, do not try to power on and blow it, you will just make the problem worse, come right away to have the deep and thorough cleaning

  Laptop was dropped, machine quits working

  System hangs up or shuts down by itself (lots of Sony F series (PII) laptop have this problem – CPU board problem – we do fix it)

  Overheating and fan is not running properly (Fan is not functioning, or there is no power sent to the fan), fan is running but no air comes out, the heat sink may be full of dust, air does not have good circulation, it is very necessary to clean the heat sink and CPU cooling fan, we recommend to have the cleaning every 3-6 months

  Unable to charge battery

  Time and date not kept correctly

  Machine is dead after upgrade BIOS

  Forget power on password

  No sound, cannot access to the internet

  Keyboard is not functioning (if keyboard is good, it might be the keyboard connector or on board keyboard controller problem)

  Drives such as HDD, FDD, CD, DVD, CDRW not booting up even though the drives are good

  And much more…

  LCD problems:

  LCD is broken (can not be fixed, has to be replaced)

  LCD shows dim (problem with light bulb, inverters, cable or motherboard)

  LCD shows blank and incorrect color

  Machine only shows on external monitor but not shows on LCD

  Flicking, horizontal or vertical lines across the screen

  HDD problems:

  Clicking noisy

  Dead due to power surge

  We can fix dead HDD and back up the critical data

  Software problems:

Operating system crashed, conflict, virus, forget password, we recover the critical data for you

  Other services:

  Circuit board repair & modification

  Prototype rework

  SMT soldering & BGA rework

  Data Recovery:

We recover data for your PC and Laptop if you have the following problems: HDD is dead, lost partition, formatted, fdisked, O/S is corrupted, forget password, virus infected, machine is dead, fast turnaround (in most cases 1-2 days)