Our well trained technician staff can repair all type of motherboard problems. If there is a hardware problem, then we know how to solve it. Instead of replacing new expensive motherboards, we will try our best to fix your existing laptop motherboard to keep the cost at its lowest.

If you have a power related problem with your laptop motherboard, it is most likely that the power distribution circuit on your motherboard was bad. There are several power chips on your motherboard known as “MOSF switching power supply chip” control this power section. Our experiments indicated that about 95% of motherboard problems caused by one single damaged MOSF chip. Our task is to help you find this bad chip and replace it right. To find out more about this chip, please visit our Knowledge Base & Solution page

Here is the price list of some typical problems that we fix everyday:

Symptom Possible Action Price
Laptop won't turn on, no power at all
Replace MOSF power chip
Laptop turns on fine but shuts down randomly
Replace MOSF power chip
Laptop turns on about 3 second, then shuts off
Replace MOSF power chip
Power supply blink/short when plug in the laptop
Replace MOSF power chip
Laptop turns on but LCD is black, you can barely see the picture on the LCD
Replace MOSF power chip Bad back light
Forgot bios password
Replace EPROM chip
Broken USB/Audio/PS2/Video port
Replace connector
Intermitten/Broken DC jack
Replace DC Jack
* This price is valid only with promotion and not guaranteed. Normal price is $199.00 minimum for any motherboard level repair.

For complete list of what we can repair, please click here.

Important Notice! The price quotes above are the estimated final costs including parts and labors. The cost of $99.00* is applied for replacing one MOSF switching power supply chip on the motherboard only, not for other accessories (i.e. CPU, Memory, Network Card, etc…). We must have your complete laptop for full inspection and we will contact you for the exact cost. Every addition broken MOSF switching power supply chip will be charged $49.00 each plus labor of $79 per hour.

Online tracking for your service order is now available at You can track the process of your service order by log on with your Last Name and Service Tracking Number.

Please fill and print out the Service Request Form, attach it with your laptop and ship to us. We will email you the online service tracking number when your laptop arrives at our service facility.

Our Laptop Repair Process

At LaptopOnCall, we track your laptop computer from the moment it arrives. Our technicians wield the latest diagnostic and repair tools. We inspect our work carefully, and we make sure to ship your laptop back to you safely. Our work ethic is about diligence, thoroughness, and doing business credibly.

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Client Testimonials

Don't take our word for it. Our customers will tell you - they trust us with their laptop repair needs. Independent voices. Independent confirmation. We solved their laptop problems. We can solve yours. Check out our “FeedBack” or Contact LaptopOnCall to find out more about our expert, guaranteed laptop repair service

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