What do you believe caused your motherboard to fail? Was it liquid spilled, overheating, drop, lightning, incorrect AC Adapter or even if you aren't sure.

Our Tech Lab experiments show that up to 95% of the above problems will damage the MOSF switching power supply chips. MOSF switching power supply chip is the electronics component very similar to the transistor but has many advance characteristics. It is being used in all portable laptops to distribute power to many sections on the motherboard. Each section of the motherboard requires different voltage and current and so it requires different MOSF chip. This means that most likely 95% of the motherboard problems can be repaired if you can find out which MOSF switching power supply chips are bad to replace them. Laptoponcall deals in laptop repairs on laptops and notebooks and general repairs on laptops.

At our LaptopOnCall Inc. repair facility, we stock a wide selection of MOSF chips for laptop motherboard available on the market today.

At other facilities you would pay $299.99 or even more to repair your existing motherboard. Please go to our Pricing Page for a complete pricing guide. We will repair down to component level and replace MOSF chips for switching power supply section on the motherboard. It will cost you more only when you have to replace a new motherboard or when your laptop has other parts in need of repair. There is a very good chance that we can fix your existing motherboard to keep the repair cost low. The worst-case scenario is when we replaced the MOSF chip and it did not fix the problem and we have to replace the motherboard. We will let you know in advance before any work is done what the cost of repairs will be. Or even if you donít want to replace the motherboard, your cost is only $49.00 for minimum service charge and we will ship the laptop back to you. You can also trade your laptop for cash at any time by calling us and asking for our trade-in program. We will always offer you the best price we could.

Online tracking for your service order is now available at You can track the process of your service order by log on with your Last Name and Service Tracking Number.

Please fill and print out the Service Request Form, attach it with your laptop and ship to us. We will email you the online service tracking number when your laptop arrives at our service facility.

Our Laptop Repair Process

At LaptopOnCall, we track your laptop computer from the moment it arrives. Our technicians wield the latest diagnostic and repair tools. We inspect our work carefully, and we make sure to ship your laptop back to you safely. Our work ethic is about diligence, thoroughness, and doing business credibly.

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Client Testimonials

Don't take our word for it. Our customers will tell you - they trust us with their laptop repair needs. Independent voices. Independent confirmation. We solved their laptop problems. We can solve yours. Check out our “FeedBack” or Contact LaptopOnCall to find out more about our expert, guaranteed laptop repair service

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