FREE if repair is authorized after diagnosis and estimated labor is greater than $45.00 $45 if customer chooses not to complete a repair after successful diagnosis

Question Answers
What is the coupon/promotion code for?
The coupon or promotion code is giving you $100 off toward your laptop motherboard repair.
What does the coupon cover?
The coupon will cover the successful repair of your laptop motherboard including part and labor. The coupon will not cover any repair rejection, where minimum service charge $49 and the return shipping cost $19 will be applied.
What should I do to send the laptop in for repair?
1. Go to www.laptoponcall.com to fill out the Service Request Form.
2. Print out a copy of the form and pack your laptop carefully.
3. Ship the laptop to us for repair.
Can I expedite the service and shipping?
Yes, you can. You can add $79 to request a Rush Service, which has the turn around time as soon as One business day. The shipping method can be upgraded at your expense.
Do I have to pay for shipping cost both ways for warranty service?
Yes, even the warranty service, you still have to pay $19 for the return shipping cost.
What is the regular price to replace the CMOS Switching Power Supply Chip?
First chip: $199 without promotion Each additional chip: $149
Why do I have to pay the Minimum Service Fee?
The Minimum Service Fee covers the labor to inspect your laptop. This fee can be waived if you want the laptop fixed by us.
How long will it take to get my laptop back?
The normal turn around time is 7 to 14 business days. However, it will also depend on the problem of your laptop. Any hard-to-find part that is necessary for the repair will take longer time.
How do you repair the motherboard?
Power problem on the motherboard is normally caused by 1 or many bad MOS Switching Power Supply Chip. We will replace the chips to solve the problem.
What are the cases that you cannot repair it?
We will not repair the motherboard if the problem is not the power-switching chip, or if there are many bad power-switching chips on the motherboard, it is better off to have the motherboard replaced.
How and when can I make the payment?
After we diagnose the laptop, the price will be updated on the tracking website. You can make a payment before we ship the laptop back by Visa, Master Card, Money Order or Paypal.
What happen if I donít pay for the service on time?
There is a 30-day period after we originally send the invoice. If you do not make the payment within 30 days, your laptop will be parted out and become our property.
Your motherboard price is too expensive. Can I get one myself and have you installed it?
Yes, you can. Just ship the motherboard to us and we will install it for only $79.
Can I buy more than one coupon for multiple laptops?
Yes, you can, as long as you send all broken laptops to us for repair at once. We will be happy to offer the discount price for all of them.
How many CMOS chips are there on my motherboard?
There are many of them in many different types. If one or more of them quit, your motherboard will have no power issue.
Can I just buy the chip from you?
Yes, you can do so as long as provide us the part number and the function of the chips.
I have sent the laptop out for many days. Why donít I receive any emails from you
We mainly contact you via emails. We always email to notify you for every successful step of service. If you do not receive these emails from us, you might want to remove a mail filter or check your junk mail box.
What happen if my laptop is lost due to shipment?
When you send the laptop to us, make sure you ask your shipping carrier for insurance. We will not take any responsibility for your lost package. You will have to contact your carrier.

When we ship you laptop back, we always insure your package at $1000. You can ask us for a higher insurance value.
How will you ship the laptop back to us?
We will ship by UPS Ground. Faster shipping methods are available upon request.
How do I know that my laptop is shipped back?
As soon as we receive your payment, an email with the UPS tracking number will be emailed to you.
What is the warranty?
The warranty will cover our work on the laptop for 30 days since you receive the laptop. Extended warranty options are available to purchase within 30 days.
How much is the extended warranty
First year extended warranty: $99
Each additional year: $49
How many years of warranty can I buy from you?
You can buy up to 5 years extended warranty.
How do I contact you regarding the status of my laptop?
You can login www.megatracking.com to check the most recent update for your laptop 24/7. You can contact us by email at services@laptoponcall.com or by phone at 513.874.3306
What is your business hour?
Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM
Can I buy laptop parts from you?
We do have a large variety of laptop parts available for sale. Please contact us at sales@laptoponcall.com for price and information.
What should I do to get another year of warranty while mine is expired?
You will have to ship the laptop back for inspection before getting a renewal of extended warranty.
What kinds of laptops do you fix?
We can fix all kinds and all brands of laptops.
Can I get the refund for the coupon if I donít use it?
Yes, you can ask for a full refund of the coupon if you don't use it.