Super Deal in Laptop Repair

As soon as you decided to have your laptop repaired by us, your laptop will automatically be covered under warranty. Our standard warranty is 30 days of parts and labor. If your laptop is critical for your business, you could also buy up to 5 years extended warranty to make sure that your laptop is protected. You only have to pay $49.99 for every following extended warranty year, and $99.99 for the first year. Once your laptop is under warranty, we will cover all original defectives including manufacturer’s defectives.

Do you realize that your laptop has only 1-year manufacturer’s warranty? Also some very common problems like broken DC jack will not be covered? Don’t worry because we are here to help! You can extend your warranty without using our repair service. All you need to do is sending your laptop to us for general check-up. Check-up fee is only $49.00. After that, your laptop will be covered under warranty from us.